Monday, 21 May 2012

Next Stop: LV426? - Paris Train Station Gets An Alien Make Over

The marketing campaign for Ridley Scotts long awaited return to the Alien universe has already bucked the trend of simply releasing trailer after trailer showing maybe 3-4 seconds of extra footage in favour of some incredible viral marketing videos, and now they've stepped up their game once again. This time by recreating a part of the movies setting - in a disused subway station in France!

This train is for Fiorina 161, The next station is Prometheus.

Closed in 1939, The Saint-Martin subway station in Paris has been transformed into the surface of the alien world which our intrepid explorers/xeno-bait from Weyland Industries will be running through terrified when we finally get to see the film when it releases next month. 

By the looks of it, passengers won’t be able to get off and have a nosey; instead merely being able to snatch glimpses of it as their train passes by. Probably for the best really as I imagine the large stone head pictured below would make it's way into a fans home before long (although I think they might need a power loader to move it...)

Where d'ya want it? Bay 12?

I'm a massive fan of viral marketing, especially when it's done well and this is one of the best I've seen so far. If your yet to see the other videos released promoting Prometheus you can find links for them below. If your a fan of the franchise and are excited about seeing the film you should definitely take a look as they truly are something else ("Happy Birthday, David" being my favourite so far).

Check out video below, filmed from inside a passing car (and keep watching after the train stops if you fancy watching a French couple swap spit in a way that'd make a Facehugger blush....

The film hits theatres June 8 and stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce & Patrick Wilson and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

Follow the links below to check out the previous viral videos and then curse the fact we don't have hyper sleep to put ourselves in so June comes that little bit quicker.

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