Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Thousand Kisses Deep - Not An Underground Romcom

If I had to guess what type of film "A Thousand Kisses Deep" was without knowing anything about it, I would probably think it was some sort of saccharine sweet Romcom. Something starring the standard girl next door/greasy douche bag combo who spend an hour and a half gawping at each other as the standard "will they? wont they?" horse shit plot unfolds to its soppy conclusion. Maybe it takes place deep underground...

Something like this.
Don't you just want to punch them?

Well I'd be wrong. Turns out it's a British made psychological thriller, directed by Dana Lustig (Wild Cherry, Stranger Than Fiction) starring Emila Fox, Jodie Whittaker and Dougray Scott.

I'll put the trailer before the plot run down because it gives quite a bit away in terms of the stories twists & turns, and you might think it a bit spoiler-y.

Spolier-y(ish) bits below!

Plot Synopsis:

Returning home from work, Mia (Jodie Whittaker – Good, Venus, St. Trinian’s & St. Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold) witnesses an aged woman leap from a window. Scattered around the old woman’s broken, lifeless body Mia discovers shredded pieces from a beloved photograph of herself and her former lover Ludwig (Dougray Scott – Hitman, Enigma, Mission Impossible II).

Highly unnerved, Mia begs Max (David Warner - Avatar, Planet of the Apes, Titanic ), the buildings’ all knowing custodian, to let her into the deceased woman’s flat. While inside this strangely familiar place, Mia recognises the contents as her own.

Confused and disturbed by what lies before her, she bolts back and forth in time where she is forced to realise it was her very own life that ended before her. Now, the only way to safeguard her future is to go back to her past and confront the man she loves deeply but dreads most.”

Not a Romcom at the centre of the Earth then.

There you go. Psychological thriller with a Sci-Fi twist. It'll be interesting to see Jodie Whittaker take a leading role, she was good in Attack the Block and Black Mirror so it'll be interesting to see if she can carry an entire film by herself.

For me, films like this are always a welcome break from the tide of remakes & Michael Bay explodo-fests currently being released so I'll definitely be checking this out.

A Thousand Kisses Deep hits cinemas June 15th.

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