Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Zombie Apocalypse: Are You Prepared?

Zombies. They're coming sooner or later,  it's inevitable.  Question is, are you prepared? 

Be prepared or be Zombie food.

If the killer robots don't get us first, those undead rotten bastards will. When Hell fills up and the dead walk the Earth you should already be (at least a little) prepared & if your not, then don't come crying to me when the shit goes down. I'm all good to go. A pack with survival essentials, a meeting point for me & my buddies and a good solid weapon are all packed and stored away in an easy to reach location for when the breakout starts. You wont get one up on me Apocalypse!

Required reading if you want to survive.
Max Brooks knows his shit.

If your not prepared and end up getting caught with your pants down and nothing but a fork to protect yourself with, Map of the Dead.Com can help. Just stick in your location and, using Google Maps, it will break down the locations indexed by Google and highlight in red, the areas most highly populated & therefore most likely to be teeming with Z-Heads. It also points out where your nearest landmarks, supermarkets, shopping centres, military bases, petrol stations, hospitals, camp grounds, radio towers, and even grave yards are so you know where to go to stock up on supplies or head for sanctuary (or in the case of the grave yards, avoid them like eggs at a buffet).

Just don't get comfy and stay too long...

Obviously any highly populated city is going to be dangerous. But with careful planning & plenty of  forethought, even the meekest can survive. As you can see in the image below the area around my house looks fairly safe although I live within walking distance of 3 schools, 4 pubs and the Town centre so I'm taking no chances.

Now obviously the internet is going to go down at some point during the outbreak , so be sure to print out a hard copy or mark what you need on a real map put it with whatever else you have packed for when Z-Day comes. 

Good luck and don't forget:


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