Sunday, 11 March 2012

Amazing Steam Punk Portal Gun

This has been doing the rounds this week, and you can see why!
If this is what the gun looks like, I'd hate to see the tests... or GLaDOS...

Impressive, no?

This awesome Steam punk Portal gun (if I lost you with that, Wiki that shit & be ashamed of yourself) was made by Deviant Art user Batman n Bananas over 3 months using random stuff he found lying around the house. I love the prop replicas you see over on Instructables, but not everyone has access to the sort of kit they use to make them so when someone does it using random junk most people have lying around, it makes it that little bit cooler.

According to the dude that built this cake worthy beast, its made up of: 

  • 2 Antique clock movements;
  • 1 +1/2 Coat hangers; 
  • Metal teapot stand;
  • Plastic Mechano;
  • Plumbing parts;
  • 1 Plant pot; 
  • 1 Hair gel pot + various lids;
  • Plastic tub (those ones you get nuts in the the supermarket);
  • Plastic tubing;
  • Lots and lots of nuts and bolts;
  • Miniature storage box (for the battery compartment);
  • Pocket laser disc (you can get them on ebay if anyone's interested);
  • 3 light bulbs;
  • Cardboard tube;
  • Metal covering from an old hairbrush;
  • AV socket;
  • Tons of odds and ends from my parents garage;
  • And of course the usual - milliput, humbrol and Warhammer paints, hot melt glue, and about 6 gallons of super glue.

If you want to read more about the build & check out his other work head over to his Deviant Art Page:- Here

If you need me I'll be in the shed...

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