Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Thats Just Creepy... Meet Bioshock: Infinites "Boys of Silence"

2K Games have released info on yet another one of the terrifying mini-boss type enemies you will be squaring off against in Bioshock: Infinite. 

Boys Of Silence
Sounds like a Christian Boy Band...

First it was a Clockwork George Washington with a Mini gun, then the massive dudes with the giant porcelain hands. Both pretty formidable, but BioShock Infinite's latest "heavy hitter", the "Boys of Silence" are definitely the creepiest of the bunch.

Creepy eh?

Instead of using brute force and heavy weapons, these guys use sound — but that's all they need. When encountering the Boys of Silence, the player can choose to sneak past these eyeless, horn-eared freaks or engage them directly. Be warned though, because despite the name, these guys are far from silent & will call all their friends to the party if you don't dispatch them quickly.

This is the penultimate video in "2K's "Heavy Hitters" series, and I can't wait to see what they've saved for last. Although I can't imagine anything creepier than ol' Horn face here.

Bioshock: Infinite releases 16th October this year & looks like its going to be awesome.

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