Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Swanky New Banner!

Check out the awesome new banner Patrick over @Draw Me Something.com did for me!

Sweet eh?

The guys over at Draw Me Something do exactly what you'd expect: you think of something for them to draw, they pick ones they like the most & draw them. The requests can be funny, serious, random, anything your warped little mind can come up with.

They don’t judge, they just draw.

For example if you ask them "Can you draw me Elmo popping out of Barney’s chest (Alien Style)?"

Then you get something like this:

Thats gotta Hurt! (Gedditt?!)

Maybe you've always dreamed of seeing a posh T-Rex drinking Tea? They've got you covered.

Jurassic Park IV?

Or perhaps you'd like to see Yoda in a nursing home trying to get laid by using the Force? Like I said, they don't judge (or pass your details on to the authorities) they just draw.

Slowly, take it off you will. 

I've requested a picture of Toe Jam & Earl and Jay & Silent Bob hanging around outside Funkotrons own version of the Quick Stop & can't wait to see it!

Requests can be made on the Requests Page over on their website or on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

If your request is REALLY bizarre and you'd prefer to remain anonymous (or you have a question) you can send them to requests@drawmesomething.com

Go check it out & make a request.

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