Monday, 26 March 2012

Bioshock Movie Flushed?

So it seems the Bioshock film has been shelved. Again. 

Gore Verbinski had already recently stepped down as producer, leaving Juan Carlor Fresnadillo sat in the directors chair with his thumb up his ass, and now its seems he's had enough of waiting and is off to butcher The Highlander.

Done right this film could be awesome!

While its the general consensus that films based on videogames generally suck pixelated wang (excluding Mortal Kombat, of course) gamers & movie fans alike are excited about an adaptation of "Bioshock." 

The game and its sequel are both beautiful, brutal, and disquieting tales of mystery & Science fiction that take place in the abandoned underwater Utopia of Rapture; stories that, with the right director (and budget) could really be something special.

But they said that about Resident Evil, and look how much that sucked.

Its hardly even got any Zombies in it...

Speaking to Indywire during press rounds for his latest film, "Intruders." the director had this to say: "Right now it’s on hold. The studio and the videogame company, they have to reach some kind of agreement about the budget and the rating." It's been this way for a long time and it's not likely to change, with studios tightening their purse-straps, seeing how a massive videogame fanbase doesn't always equal massive box office dollars, particularly with a restrictive R-rating."

Try getting that in a 12A

So there you have it. Until Hollywood & Irrational Games sort their shit out, we're not going to see this made. Seems like Bioshock is doomed to suffer the same fate as the Neill Blomkamp directed Halo movie.

With the average age of a gamer now resting in the mid 20's, as well as a lot of the bigger games releases being 18 certificates, it seems stupid that Hollywood are reluctant to spend a little money on making something a little more mature than a toy line tie-in out of videogame franchises, opting instead for 12A films based on boardgames.  

Check out the awesome fan-made Bioshock short movie above and curse those tight fisted bastards in Hollywood for not taking more gambles.

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